Sunday, May 29, 2011

Festival of bags

I love to give hand made gifts to people, but I do get a bit stressed out at the thought that they may not like them. I've been looking around for some nice gifts to make for 5 year old girls. I'd thought of the pencil rolls and they're nice, but whenever I've given them as a gift, the recipient has been less than enthusiastic!

But I've had three birthday parties this month and I was wracking my brains for present ideas. So when I saw this tutorial, on Living My Sweet Life's blog I suspected I might be onto a winner! I bought some very very pretty fabric from the wonderful Peppermint Stitches and away I went.

I made a couple of modifications. I didn't do the applique, because

a. I am lazy
b. I can't do applique.

I didn't double over the pocket, I just hemmed it. This was because I didn't have quite enough material to double it over, so I did a 4 by 10.5 inch pocket with a hem.

The other difference was that I put the pocket on both sides of the bag (which is why I didn't have enough material for the pocket!)

I also used interfacing, because I had a bunch lying around that I wanted to use up. I don't know if that made any difference to the bag. It certainly gave me a lot of grief!

I also did the strap differently, mainly because I couldn't inside out the strap, I'm too uncoordinated. Whenever I try to inside out things, I end up ripping the sewing! Instead, I cut two 21 by 1 inch pieces of my main fabric and two 21 by 1 inch pieces of my lining material. I turned each long edge in and ironed, then I put one strap of main together with one strap of the lining material and top-stitched along each long edge.

I've made 4 - one for each of the birthday girls and one for my daughter. I think they're really nice - I'm planning on making one more for my son and another for myself, to put my knitting and crochet in. I just have to work out which is my favourite!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Lots of crafting lately, not a lot of blogging!

I have been knitting, crocheting and sewing. Projects on the go include, a reversible toy for a friend's baby, a shrug for myself, a bag with crayon holder pockets and I'm sure there is more - but true to form, I can't remember any more!

Ages ago, I made a mini nappy bag for a friend's baby shower. It's from One Yard Wonders - which is a pretty cool book.

It looked pretty easy, so of course I left it till the last minute. What I didn't realise was that the change mat was actually sewn into the bag - so assembly was a little trickier (ok a lot trickier) than I thought it would be! It turned out ok in the end.

Nice little gift though. I need some practice with using interfacing, I got into quite a lot of bother with the interfacing in this project. Kept having to rip it off and start again!