Monday, February 7, 2011

Project busting #1

I think that this project busting is going to take me some time.....

I finished one thing last week! Huzzah!
I'm a big fan of Yarnydays blog - I think she has awesome taste and her projects are just great. I've made a sweater of hers before and it turned out so nicely -

so when I saw this post - I just had to try to make a scarf like it. The pattern is originally from this blog which also has a lot of absolutely gorgeous crafting on it. A good friend of mine had a birthday coming up and I thought she'd love this!

Anyway, I picked some red wool from Bendigo woollen mills and started crocheting. The pattern is great - really pretty and also quite easy - my favourite combination!

I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough wool, but figured I could always order more. But the Queensland floods sent my life somewhat out of kilter (we weren't directly affected, but couldn't go to work/daycare etc for a while and had flood refugees staying with us). So I didn't end up ordering more wool in time. Instead, I decided to turn it into a bag!

I sewed a bag out of denim with a cotton lining and a zipper. I then sewed it into the scarf - voila!


  1. I project busted today, yay! Love the cardi, is it for ChingyPingy?

  2. yes, but I made it a couple of years ago! I never remembered to post about it though, until now....

  3. What a lot of fab things you have been doing! Have been sewing a bit lately but I only seem to knit when pregnant, but I didn't finish bubs2 kimino wrap jumper in time. It would make a very fetching scarf for her at the moment.

  4. I am making the same sweater for my son also! Can I ask if you changed the first amount of stitches (38 ch)? Ive done the 38 and held up to my sons neck who is nearly 3 and it's looking way too small. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks Hun! Your jumper came out great by the way :)

  5. I did change the first amount of stitches - I basically just kept going until it measured right against my daughters neck. Good luck - it is pretty easy and so much fun to make! Yay for YarnyDays!

  6. That is the cutest little egg & duckling. Have just put Itty Bitty Toys on hold from the library to see if I can manage to create one too...if not i'll just bring it to the next book club for some more knitting advice!!