Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pattern lost - and found again!

A tale of procrastination.

When my daughter was born, I decided to knit her a sweater. I found a pattern I liked in a Family Circle magazine. I started to knit. I knitted and I knitted. Then I knitted some more. Then I put down the knitting.

For many months, I carried the knitting and the pattern around with me everywhere I went. Although I never knitted a stitch, my daughter's sweater and I were inseparable. By now, my daughter was 2 - and the sweater was a size 1. Oh dear.

Eventually, the inevitable occurred. I lost the pattern. By then I was pregnant with my second child and hormonal as all hell. I wept. And I wept. And then I wept some more.

My husband posted a classified ad asking for the pattern. Eventually a kind lady sent through the pattern. By now my daughter was 3 - and the sweater was a size 1. Oh dear.

I decided to knit a new sweater - using the infamous pattern - for my newborn son. This time, I actually knitted it (rather than carrying the knitting around with me). I finished it too! Don't you love a happy ending?

P.S. I happened to be at a book sale not so long ago - and found the magazine with the pattern. Exciting.

P.S.2 What is it with this pattern? My mother in law came around the other day with the latest Family Circle for me - they had reprinted the pattern!

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