Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday party shenanigans

This year I decided to give beads as part of the take home party bag. I bought wooden beads on e-bay, then I had a hunt for really cheap bead containers. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find the right thing for the right price! Eventually I found these little containers - $3 for 12. I think the beads look pretty cute in the little jars!

I decided to make origami boxes to put the beads in -

I wasn't sure if the boys would like the beads, so I put together a crafty alternative -

Here are all the assembled boxes -

Here is the next stage of the pinata. At this stage I was panicking a little - it kind of looks like it could all go badly wrong and end up a hen's night pinata!!

But it all turned out in the end, and my little girl got her fairy pinata.


  1. The fairy pinata looks fantastic and I love the ideas for the take-home bags. I always try to do something different too - personally I'm sick of the kids bringing home bags full of lollies when they've just been at a party eating cake, lollies etc... Christine xo

  2. They are gorgeous, you are such a cool crafty gal.

  3. beads are a really good idea.. but i will never look at a fairy pinata the same way now. thanks!