Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday season

Yesterday was ChingyPingy's fourth birthday. We'll have a party for her in a week or two, but to celebrate the day itself, I made her a cat cake.

I was hoping to do something a bit more ambitious, but this is what she asked for!

It is Mr McGillicuddy's birthday in 2 weeks and ChingyPingy has informed me that he wants an astronaut cake!! We'll have to wait and see if I'm up to the challenge....


  1. An astronaut cake sounds pretty damn exciting. Can I have one as well?

    I was going to make a cake for Miss Z's first birthday but gave up and made lots of cupcakes instead. Cakes are hard so your cat cake is just gorgeous.

  2. Very cute cat, I hope she was happy with it! Good luck with the astronaut, that sounds a bit more scary. Where's your trees? :)

  3. Totally cute! And super yummy.

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  5. I didn’t’ realise our children’s birthdays were so close. Aden’s birthday is the 5th of Jan, like your children ours boys are birthdays are close as well. Matthew’s was 8days before Aden’s on the 28th Dec. I have no idea why I hadn't added your blog to my list. Well looking forward to getting to know you better